Fun with Substances

A little fun vector stitching in designer, gradient driven!

Unity Raycast Test

Spawning objects over a server by shooting raycasts.

TDT CameraTools

A little set of tools for working with cameras in Max. (WIP)

Get it here: GitHub

Logo VFX – In Unity

Realtime VFX with Unity VFX-Graph and Shader-Graph at work. A lot of fun.

Here is the setup:

V-Ray Next

V-Ray Next looks great, 2x faster GPU rendering

Max Fluid Presets

3dsMax 2018.4 Fluid Presets, nice overview of the shipped presets!

Gradient Tracer Experiment

Toying around with the gradient tracer data flow operator in

Fluid Sim

Old fluid sim, dusted off, colors punched up, free-to-use psd: